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Tips to Determining Authenticity for a Signature Coach Bag

Coach Handbags

If you are considering purchasing a handbag from a questionable source, then go to the Coach website or even go into a reputable store that carries Coach products.

The simplest way of determining authenticity would be examining the layout of the signature C’s. The C’s should be lined up perfectly to the center. However, it is not uncommon for the mini-signature C collections to be off by a tiny bit only on the sides. So don’t panic.

The signature style for Coach will always be the two C’s next to each other in doubles, not as the picture shows below, in a single row of C’s. If the overall figure of the bag appears to not resemble one that coach would produce, then chances are it’s a replica.

You can tell by not only the style of the bag but also the pattern. If the pattern is not the famous Coach signature C, but rather a different letter, such as an O or a G then it’s an obvious fake.

Dustbags should be dark chocolate brown with a red drawstring. In the bottom right the words in all caps “COACH EST.1941″ written in white. Coach does not use cheap material to make these. There are many replica dust bags floating around on the Internet. So if you see one stay away, chances are that bag is fake.

Up until 2002, about 75% of coach handbags were manufactured in the US. Now, most are assembled in China.

The interior serial number should start with “No”, the abbreviation for number, and have 4 numbers after the dash, not 3.

The writing should be neat on the authenticity tag, not crookedly stamped on. Also, the paragraph above the serial number should be in all caps, and in English.

Make sure that the authenticity number matches up with the style of the bag that you are interested in purchasing. If you are about to purchase from an unauthorized dealer, call Coach, their representatives will be more then willing to verify if the authenticity number matches the style.

There also needs to be a serial number.

Coach commonly uses logo tags that are attached by a beaded chain. Usually, the tag should match the trim of the bag. The words “COACH” should be raised, not imprinted.

Some styles do have metal tags. Do your research to make sure that the tag goes with the bag you are getting. It is not uncommon for counterfeiters to mass-produce these metal tags; it’s a cheaper more profitable way. Tags are never made out of hard plastic.

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