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Hiking Backpack Guide

Planning for a hiking jaunt, you can’t afford to have a backpack. How best can you choose a hiking backpack that will ultimately carry all your much-needed supplies? Every hiker knows that if they want to cover more miles and ultimately achieve their goals is to always keep the backpack weight down as much as possible to save up their energy during the hike. The backpack is one of the weighty things a hiker has to endure aside from other things such as sleeping bags. Reducing the overall weight on the hiker is a must-do and where else to start than the backpack. You wouldn’t want to take frequent breaks just to rest your back because you didn’t take into account your backpack choice. The overall lighter weighing backpack provides more comfortable allowing your attention to concentrate on the hiking experience.

An outdoor adventure can be full of uncertainties that can only be predicted let’s say you set off when it was sunny and a few hours into your trek its drizzling already, and you know what they say better safe than sorry. Where am I going with this? still, stressing on the choice of a good backpack,what do I mean with a good backpack? I always advise on a backpack that can establish a balance between weight, weather resistance, and durability. Get value for your money. Make sure to take into account the type of fabric used to make the backpack in order for it to qualify as weather-resistant such fabric could include Dyneema Composite Fabric popularly known as DCF.

Seasoned hikers know what an effective frame either having taped seams can mean outdoors as this helps in making the backpack more studier especially when one needs to carry heavier loads. Talking of studier bags don’t forget to check for the hip belt if you desire to shift some of the weight off your back to the hip region. This is important as it also serves to reduce the chances of you tiring faster. You could also consider a backpack that has the removable hip belt to allow you to remove it when you don’t need it. The hip belt some backpacks come with extra pockets that can allow you to keep things you might need frequently such as your phone, sunglasses.

Some of the extra features to look for in a backpack for extra comfort can also include an arching frame, you don’t want your back to be soaked in sweat every time the arch helps with ventilation. Well padded shoulder straps with a good spacing bring a cushioning effect to your shoulders and an even distribution of weight when carrying a heavy backpack.

Last but also very essential is a mesh that can allow you to air your wet stuff, stinky soaks, or just even keep your rain poncho close by. It also is an extra bonus to have a top lid for extra securing of your stuff. Even better yet when the top lid is strapped all the way down you would not have to worry about your stuff falling.

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